Young Adult (YA), Fantasy, Steampunk, Christian, Romance, Short Stories, Non-fiction

Hot Shot Romance: When a survivor of domestic abuse and a bitter contract driver with a painful past join a hot shot company, they think they have found the perfect way to hide from life. But when love steps in, they realize they cannot hide from God's plans.

A Different Kind of Cheerleader: A 13 year-old paraplegic with a chip on her shoulder at God journeys from bitter disillusionment to the competition cheer squad. 

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Four Days to Fusion: A teenage star with combustion issues races against the dying of the earth to find her heart and save her friends before she is found by her grandmother's jealous rival.

How to Eat Like a Dragon: Join this adventurous bearded dragon while he turns common ingredients into beardie-licious meals. A teen cooking adventure.

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